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Community Class

This class is taught by:

Julie C

Julie Coren
Hometown: Omaha, NE
Something that's mine: My mind and It’s Perceptions


What First Drew You to Yoga and Why?

I first heard about the potential for healing through hot yoga back in college but never had the drive to give it a try. After a knee injury in my mid-20's hit me harder than I would have liked, I decided I had nothing to lose. The yoga healed my knee and then some. And it quickly transformed from simply a way to heal an acute injury to something that permeated and nourished my entire being.

What Do You Find Most Satisfying About Teaching?

Teaching provides challenges that excite and inspire me on a daily basis. I see teaching as an extension of my own practice and personal growth. But teaching also asks me to look outside of myself and practice holding space for others. Being a witness in that way is both humbling and satisfying, and for that I am truly grateful.

Favorite Class to Practice Right Now:

Core26 is where I got my start. And although it has been over a decade since I took my first Core26 class, it remains the ultimate class for me. I absolutely love the Ashtanga primary series and I'll never shy away from the ever-changing flow of a vinyasa class. But good, old-fashioned, 90-minute, Core26 is the class I can always count on to ground me, challenge me, and wake me up. There's no hiding in there -- and that really speaks to me.


Silliest thing you've said whilst teaching:
I definitely have never ever told students to bring their nipples to their chins. Never.

Jess E

Why do you practice yoga?
Well, when I first started practicing yoga in 2005 I was looking for a good workout and something that would be great cross-training for running, which was my physical activity of choice at the time.  I certainly found that, but I also found a whole lot more that I couldn't have told you I needed...self-acceptance, body acceptance, coping skills for anxiety, a more powerful voice, and a general attitude of mindfulness that makes the ever-changing, unexpected nature of life feel rhythmic and even exciting.  There's a phrase that's always stuck with me...yoga makes you you.  And it's true.  That's why Ganesh is in our studio's name - I wholeheartedly believe that yoga removes the physical, mental and emotional obstacles to being our authentic selves.
What do you enjoy about teaching yoga?
I love watching students figure themselves out and do things with their bodies and minds that they never thought were possible.  And just like the practice, teaching is a continual growth process.  I learn new things about myself and my students each time I step into the room.
What's the funniest thing you've ever said while teaching or practicing?
I have moments of verbal dyslexia sometimes...so this one time I was attempting to tell a student named Shelby to "sit down" further in a posture and it came out, "Selby..." I'm sure you can fill in the rest.  I couldn't even finish what I was saying after that because I couldn't stop giggling.
If you had a superpower what would it be?
At the risk of sounding like everyone else who has ever answered this question...I would love to fly.  

Agnieszka A

Why do you practice yoga?
I practice yoga because it revives me on all levels and makes me feel like I'm starting with a clean slate.
What do you enjoy about teaching yoga?
I enjoy witnessing the different impact yoga has on practitioners.
What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever said while teaching or practicing?
"Henne, fix everything!"
If you had a superpower what would it be?

Blaine B

Why do you practice yoga?
Since I began practicing yoga in 2001 it has always been my rock. As life, people, and circumstances, have changed yoga has always kept me anchored to my true self. For that reason, I can’t imagine my life without my yoga practice. I practice so that I can be me.

What do you enjoy about teaching yoga?
Teaching yoga is like watching your best friend unwrap a present, just knowing that they’re going to love it! I get so much satisfaction watching others receive the benefits from their practice. Teaching is also just like the practice in its own way. You are always growing, changing, and understanding things about yourself and others in new and exciting ways.

What's the funniest thing you've ever said while teaching or practicing?
Once I said, "stretch up out of your ways" instead of "stretch up out of your waist".  It wasn't particularly hilarious or anything, but I thought it to be a rather appropriate slip of the tongue for yoga class.
If you had a superpower what would it be?
It would definitely be teleportation (assuming that it wouldn't discombobulate my molecules).


Jocelyn L

Name: Jocelyn Lescarbeau
Hometown: Minnetonka, Minnesota
Something That’s Yours: The less I own, the more I have. But beyond that, I own a body, a voice, and a deep curiosity for the mystery of life.

Why Do You Practice Yoga?

Oh my... so many reasons since yoga is life, but I mainly practice yoga because the ecstasy feels so damn good in my body. My body is the vehicle for my wild spirit and it needs love and attention to operate smoothly and efficiently at the caliber required to express itself. Therefore, it's important for me to practice yoga to maintain a healthy physical lifestyle. As far as meta-physics go, I also practice yoga to share sacred space with my community and experiment with my spiritual faculties. Overall, the yoga practice helps me to attune to my spiritual center and align with the whole of existence to bring harmony both within and without me.


Teaching Style and Class Styles Taught:

I teach the traditional Core 26 class and my teaching style is highly focused and concentrated to enhance deeper states of meditation and exploration.

What you love about teaching at SGY?

I love teaching at Sweaty Ganesh Yoga because the community is incredibly supportive and diverse. So many bright souls walk through that door but they come in all different shapes and sizes along with all sorts of special gifts to share. I love both practicing and teaching at the Sweaty G because the studio space is a safe and compassionate place to express oneself authentically. Also, it's warm in there, my personal idea of paradise.

Inspirational Quote

I dedicate myself to the universal diamond, be this raging fury be destroyed -Excerpt from Gary Snyder's Smokey the Bear Sutra

Alaina M

Alaina Melconian, Studio Manager
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Something that's yours: 4 Amazing children-Sam, Stevie, Alex and Nick

What First Drew You to Yoga and Why?

I saw a sign in my hometown for Hot Yoga and thought, what is this? I stepped inside had my first class and never stopped. I truly thought where has this been all my life? I guess you could say I followed the sign!


What Do You Find Most Satisfying About Teaching?

Teaching is a gift. I love the excited energy I feel as I step through the door to the yoga room. Seeing students eager to move both mind and body. I watch the transformation throughout class of lifes many ups and downs melting into the mats. My hope and goal is that I am able to touch each student in a way that they feel a little lighter after class.


What you love about teaching at SGY:

The community feel for sure. We have a special vibe where people want to stick around and chat in our “living room” SGY truly feels like family to me and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


Inspirational Quote:

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel -Maya Angelou

Lyn H

Lyn Hudgins
Hometown: Eugene,Oregon

What First Drew You to Yoga and Why?

Throughout my life I have had a interest in the human body and how all of the systems work together both scientifically and spiritual. Taking my first yoga class in the 70's in Lake Tahoe. I found through yoga a way to get to know my self and a different way to look at life. Through the philosophy of yoga I find life more excepting. I continue to practice with a more sustainable asana and implementing the other limbs of yoga.


What you love about teaching at SGY:

Teaching yoga invites a place to explore the human expression.


Favorite Class to Practice Right Now and Why:

The core 26 class has brought my awareness to how I move, my breath, my tendencies, learning to forgive and accept in a safe, loving community at SGY.


Inspirational Quote:

Yoga is a life process of living not a goal -Ganga White

Megan B

Why do I practice yoga?
Life on the mat has taught me patience. A dedicated asana practice has afforded me mindfulness and gratitude off the mat.

What do you enjoy about teaching yoga?
The people! I love watching people explore their bodies and become conscious of their breath. There is so much curiosity that unfolds on the mat and I love participating in this.

What's the funniest thing you've ever said while teaching or practicing?
I have (more than once!) told people, while in a standing forward folding, to pick their feet up. Maybe one of these days someone will actually levitate!

If you had a superpower what would it be?

Benjamin W

Why do you practice yoga?
I've had plenty of experience running, cycling and climbing mountains in my life, but the hardest thing I've ever done is a Core 26 yoga class. It is also the most satisfying, rewarding and rejuvenating thing I have ever attempted. Also, I've learned that the "harder" I try, the less I get out of my practice. My "best" classes or the ones where I've made the most advancements are the ones where I have surrendered to being right where I am it. There's a reason I put "be still..." on my foot.

What do you enjoy about teaching yoga?
It's hard to believe that there could be something more satisfying than practicing, but, if there is, it is most certainly teaching. I love guiding people into a place where they believe anything is possible, that today can be better than any day before it, and, that no matter where you're at, you're just fine. Also, I get to stand around in hot pants and tell people what to do.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever said while teaching or practicing?
Raise your hands up to parallel with the floor if you like this posture!!

If you had a superpower what would it be?
To put my forehead on my knee. Okay, maybe flying.


Daniel W

Why do you practice yoga?

I practice yoga because it helps channel my excess physical energy and calm my mind. I am a more centered and happy person due to my yoga practice.

What do you enjoy about teaching yoga?

As a new teacher I am excited to share my love and knowledge of yoga with both new and old students.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever said while teaching or practicing?

I haven't had the chance to say too many funny things as a teacher though I have heard some funny things. Let me know when I say something goofy.

If you had a superpower what would it be?

My superpower... Flight would be really fun but probably wouldn't be that practical. Maybe breathe underwater and be able to withstand the pressure to explore the briny deep.


Annette G

Annette Garcia aka AG
Hometown: Higley, Arizona
Something that's yours: 1 daughter, Ash.
2 yoga leotards. 3 Pendleton flannels. 4 Yoga books. 5 pairs of shoes

Why Do You Practice Yoga?

A lot of reasons attract me to yoga! consciousness, composure, grace, humility, lightheartedness, and strength. I love Core 26 because it is the foundation to my asana practice. My mind, heart, and body merge on the mat. On my best days I master the art of relaxation. I feel grateful for all styles that I learn in Yoga, and every time I learn something new it transcends in to every aspect of my life.


What Do You Find Most Satisfying About Teaching?

The most satisfying feeling about teaching is developing unity within the unique. The stillness and the breath amongst the people together conjure the same power and depth as witnessing ocean waves.


What you love about teaching at SGY:

I love the solidarity I feel in the teacher collective. We bond because of yoga. The depth of which we are all connected to our yoga story makes us a family. As a student, I feel genuine community. The leadership and guidance of the teachers keeps me happy on my mat.


Inspirational Quote:

Perfection in an asana is achieved when the effort ceases and the infinite being within is reached- B.K.S Iyengar

Karlene L

Why do I practice yoga?
Initially, I was allured by asana because it offered what felt like a trifecta of post-class benefits: the endorphin release of a workout, the ease of a massage and the calm of meditation. My practice offers me time to slow down & marinate in sensation - I'm more capable of creating space between me and the constant pull of stimuli that surrounds my life.  In these moments, I become more attune to a wiser, stronger sensibility within myself and listen to my intuition's soliloquy. In short, time on the mat makes for a better me off the mat.

What do you enjoy about teaching yoga?
The energy exchange – the collective positive & peaceful vibe that may be present in the beginning of class but more strongly grounds and reverberates within the room toward Savasana.

What's the funniest thing you've ever said while teaching or practicing?  Spread your head.
If you had a superpower what would it be?
To stay connected to my practice while being a mother of three, supportive and encouraging friend, sister, daughter, wife and educator.
Additionally, I'd appreciate the ability to make it snow whenever I need solace.

Steve T

Name: Steven Tygart
Hometown: Muldoon Road, Anchorage, Alaska
Something that's yours: I have 4 kids, a love for travel and exploration shared with my wife, and a lava lamp that is older than me.

Why Do You Practice Yoga?

I practice yoga to remind myself how it feels to be in my body, to be in the magic of my stillness and movement. I practice to tap into subtle sensations that I become aware of when I slow down. I love to be still with my breath and let my thoughts dance as they do. I love to wobble and shake, fall down and get up, feel new movements and challenges, to allow myself to be vulnerable, to find edges. It's also part of my longevity plan. Being able to get up off of the ground is a skill I will continue to practice. That and the flat footed squat. So many more reasons...

What Do You Find Most Satisfying About Teaching?

The most satisfying thing about teaching for me is that I get to be in the collective sweet energy that is cultivated in a class. I get to breathe with everyone, I get to see the beautiful shapes explored, I get to be present for exploration, and it is a gift, every time. Plus when people are so involved in their practice my random jokes might get more laughs.

Favorite Class to Practice Right Now and Why

Right now I really love a restorative yoga practice. I enjoy the stillness, the support. And while I can't explain how, it really adds to and compliments my vinyasa practice. Maybe I just like lying down a lot.

Words of Wisdom/Inspirational Quote OR Silliest Thing You’ve Said Whilst Teaching
Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. - Rumi

And also I often get my lefts and rights confused, accidental rhymes might happen, so just remember that.

Karan E

Karan Estee
Hometown: Charleston, SC
Something that's yours: Hopefully, your undivided attention ;).

Why Do You Practice Yoga?

There's an innate part of practicing yoga...something I can't really explain, that makes me feel amazing. It has always, somehow, made me feel strong and beautiful and WORTHY of MY attention to myself. Like a lot of us, I spend a lot of time beating myself up and I feel like yoga is the perfect opposite to that. It has truly taught me to accept my mistakes, my human-ness, and to move on and just try to be the best human and the best teacher that I can be.


Teaching Style and Class Styles Taught:

Intuitive and improvisational. If I try to plan a class ahead of time, it almost always fumbles me up. I enjoy the venture of walking into a room with no plan and sensing what is needed. Some might say I teach a “challenging” class and I would like to think that is true. But we all have different challenges. Some of us need to work harder, and many of us need to work less. And I seek to challenge all of my students in whatever way they need in that moment; to offer them the space to figure that out for themselves without any judgment, and the guidance to bring them to a place of balance and loving kindness towards themselves.


What you love about teaching at SGY:

Oh wow, where to begin? I have taught and practiced at so many studios for over 17 years and SGY is HANDS DOWN the absolute best space I’ve ever experienced. First of all, Jess, our incredible leader. She has set a foundation of knowledge, appreciation, love and acceptance that ties us ALL together as a FAMILY strong in those values. Somehow, she has brought together the BEST group of instructors and students I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Even when I’ve had the absolute worst day, the minute I step foot into our studio, I immediately feel nestled in at HOME; warm, loved, appreciated, accepted. I am so grateful for her, our amazing teachers, our incredible students, and this COMMUNITY that brings pure bliss to my existence.


Inspirational Quote:
Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet confinement of your aloneness to learn anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you -David Whyte, House of Belonging

Laura B

Why do you practice yoga?

My movement practice began in the dance studio where I fell in love with the universe of body exploration. I have always been deeply spiritual and fascinated by what it is to be alive in this universe, but my spiritual life shifted into another level of experience when I began studying and practicing yoga. Yoga continues to help heal me from a history of rough and unbalanced physical living while also teaching me to develop the mental focus to create peaceful clarity in my life and live by calm intuition. Yoga asana practice is my sanctuary, my ever-morphing and infinite community, my sweet release, and my favorite playtime. I love that yoga lets me embrace my Gemini nature and be both grounded in earnest spiritual focus while also being my lighthearted, playful self. I am full of appreciation for this priceless gift of a life practice. It has saved and healed and shaped me and it is my deepest passion to share in the giving and receiving of body/mind/spirit wisdom with community through continuous exploration and surrender to the flow of process.


What do you enjoy about teaching yoga?

I believe that we create our experience of our reality through our perception, our thought patterns, and our attachment (or non-attachment) to our ego. I love teaching yoga because there is nothing more satisfying than sharing the gift of a moment of challenge followed by a moment of change and discovery. I love watching people becoming aware that they are aware. I love witnessing the moment when someone does something they didn’t think they could do and then adopt a new level of belief in possibilities! I love being witness to people raise their vibration in community by simple focus and develop greater self-love and respect. I love watching the massive ripple effect this kind of practice has upon all levels of the community. I am honored to be a limb on the tree of human tribal wisdom, sharing the joyful practice that has been shared with me so generously.


What is the funniest thing you’ve ever said while teaching or practicing?

One time I was cuing a brief visualization during savasana in which I encouraged everyone to try to sense the fluids within the body. I began listing fluids to see in the mind’s eye. In an attempt to say “synovial fluids”, I somehow let slip “seminal fluids”… I saw a few faces scrunch up and realized what I had said. I just went on smoothly like I absolutely meant to say it. I hope someone aside from me got a good giggle out of that one…


If you had a superpower, what would it be?

The power of pure, unflinchingly steady focus. Complete 100% self mind control.

Natacia H

Why do you practice yoga?  I practice yoga because it is my medicine, discipline (physical as well as mental), ethical system, and spiritual practice. Asanas teach one about the body, meditation about the mind, while the experience from both reveals broader truths about the nature of humanity, the world, the cosmos. On a more superficial level, my asana practice is primarily responsible for my state of vibrant health and relative ease in my body in the face of an autoimmune disorder accompanied by chronic pain. The mental discipline cultivated through the practice allowed me to systematically observe the effects of food or behavior on the body as well as the mind in order to gain control of my symptoms.

What do you enjoy about teaching yoga?  I enjoy teaching so much because it allows me to share my knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for a practice that has changed my relationship to myself as well as the wider world. While my own practice is obviously extremely important to me, the joy is in the transmission of the yoga. I love introducing people to new concepts, new ways of using the body to cultivate the mind. The asanas are the teachers. They impart wisdom through experience of the internal struggle involved in the physical practice. Learning to practice in a way that is in line with the ethics of non-harming, non-coveting, truthfulness, clearness of mind, and systematic self-observation leads to an understanding of a particular philosophy based in compassion for the self as well as others. It is indescribably gratifying to see people arrive at new ways of thinking about or understanding life through asana practice.

What is the funniest thing you've ever said while teaching or practicing?  "I'm counting faster this time! One..."

If you had a superpower what would it be?  If I had a superpower, it would have to be teleportation. Nightcrawler was my favorite! *BAMFF*


Ashley D

Why do you practice yoga?
For a very long time I had a strong distaste for exercise. Mindless exercise was never in my cards. I needed an exercise that meant something other than just staying fit, a deeper purpose behind the movement. I needed the spiritual seed that is open for exploration in yoga. I practice because yoga keeps me engaged and evolving, both inside and out.

What do you enjoy about teaching yoga?
I have been given so much from my practice I simply cannot contain it. It is my joy and honor to witness that gleam of contemplation, that spark of realization in their eyes. Like butter on warm toast! Scrumptious. To me, teaching is another stage in learning and I am grateful to be a forever-student.


What is the funniest thing you've ever said while teaching or practicing?
Eagle pose: “Imagine your wearing really tight whitey-tighties and they are squeezing and compressing all up in your thigh creases!” then I said “Imagine you have a big walnut in-between your thighbones and your gonna crack it!”. The gentlemen in my class teased me forever after that.


If you had a superpower what would it be?
I would love to fly like superman! But it must include breathing underwater and in outer space.

Charity L

Name: Charity Anne La Follette
Hometown: Tacoma, WA
Something that’s mine: The only thing that is truly mine is my life, this body, and my consciousness;
everything else is frosting.

What first drew you to yoga?

I was first drawn to yoga at the age of sixteen. I was up all night watching TV and this show came on called "Inhale". It was a vinyasa yoga class that came on at 5 am.
I remember thinking, “I can do that,” then tried and felt so clumsy and out of sync with my body. I continued to wake up early and do vinyasa in my living room ... this was something I did that was all mine.


Teaching Style and Classes Taught:
I have recently finished my 200 hr yoga teacher training at SGY and have had the privilege of co-teaching three vinyasa classes with my fellow yogi Jason Boness. Vinyasa is my first love, but I am excited to learn other systems of yoga like Core 26 and Ashtanga. I practice all three and love them all equally.


What do you love about teaching at SGY?

Not only are the other teachers extremely helpful and filled with valuable knowledge, the practitioners are very encouraging as well. After my first class I thought for sure people would just leave and not say anything really, but when they came out they had smiles on their faces and told me I did a good job. My 💓 was bursting and I knew I was doing a good thing.


Words of Wisdom

You are in control of your life. No matter where you are, who you are, or where you came from, you have the power to change the course of your life in a positive way. The first step is to recognize that you have power. I know in this life it can feel like we don’t have many choices or the choices we have are no good enough, but one of those choices will lead you to a better one. Listen to your intuition and follow your heart because the heart never lies. This advice is from my heart to yours. Believe me I was in the pit and could not see the light, but that was a part of the lesson. Now that I know how dark and bad things can be, I will never let this light inside of me go out again. That is power manifested.

Jason B

Jason Boness
Hometown: Alliance, NE
Something that’s yours: An unquenchable thirst for spiritual truths.

What First Drew You to Yoga and Why?

I was drawn to yoga for many reasons. The most important reasons were to heal my body from numerous past athletic injuries, and to deepen my spiritual practice. In the early 2000s I was a world ranking high jumper and current school record holder for the University of Oregon. During my athletic career, I sustained numerous muscular sprains and strains, and three arthroscopic knee surgeries on my right knee. Before starting my practice two years ago I had thought it was a foregone conclusion that I would need another surgery, or even a knee replacement. As of today I can say that I am pain free, and fully enjoying that feeling of peak physical form/clear mind that I was once took for granted. Now that I have followed the path of yoga to heal my mind/body/spirit, I wish nothing more that to share my direct knowledge and experience to help others heal. My first name in Greek literally means “healer” or “to heal”.


What Do You Find Most Satisfying About Teaching?

The most satisfying part about leading others through their practice is the connection that I feel with other people’s physical bodies. I have a finely tuned mind-body connection, or proprioception of the physical body. I can tune my consciousness into other’s space and “feel” movements, adjustments, and the sensations of others. I can then leverage this information to guide others through their own practice. I also feel the energy of the room quite profoundly. During my athletic career, working the crowd’s energy was one of my strong points. Getting a crowd of a few thousand people all clapping in unison, focusing their energy on me, and then redirecting that energy back is quite an enlightening experience. I often get this same experience inside the studio during class.


Teaching Style and Classes Taught
Vinyasa style classes drew me in instantly to yoga. The dynamic flow of movement in the body directs energy around in ways that I wasn’t familiar with. Also, the importance of pranayama to keep the mind steady and still, while still working hard and having an elevated heart beat is a profound experience. To me the body is a magical tool that we are only starting to understand how to fully utilize. Vinyasa practice is my way to explore the far edges, and the unseen inner spaces that hold all the secrets. As within, so without.


Words of Wisdom

To me the most important parts of my practice are the hours and minutes away from the mat. It isn’t what happens on the mat that defines us, it’s how we take the lessons learned in the studio out into the outside world. And in the words of my favorite spiritual guide Kryon “And so it is…”

David P

David Parker
Hometown: Bushy, Herts, England
Something That’s Yours: A Love of Languages

Why Do You Practice Yoga?

Since discovering hot yoga in 2008 after an accident that left me in a wheel chair, I have never looked back. The practice of yoga has become a metaphor for my life – being more mindful, eating better, sleeping better, living in the present moment more. Coming to a yoga class feels like coming home to a nice cup of tea and each time is a little different than the last. That’s what keeps me coming back- you could say I’m hooked on yoga and I love the addiction. Since taking the Teacher Training course, my mind has been opened further to the deeper aspects of the practice and I am very grateful for that. Being a teacher of what I have practiced for the last 8 years is both an honor and a responsibility that I feel towards my students.


Teaching Style and Class Styles Taught:

My teaching style is based on the Core 26 practice, 26 asanas and 2 breathing exercises, and is challenging for the students.


What you love about teaching at SGY:

SGY is a great place to teach and practice, because all the teachers are super supportive and ready to help, and the student population is diverse, motivated and fun to be with. The studio is well set up and a delight to teach and practice in.


Inspirational Quote:

Be yourself. Life is precious as it is. All the elements for your happiness are already here. There is no need to run,strive, search or struggle. Just be! -Thich Nhat Hanh

Lydia V

Lydia van Dreel
Hometown: Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Something that's mine: My deep and abiding belief that life is a gift (or my extended version box set of LOTR trilogy).

What First Drew You to Yoga and Why?

I had dabbled in yoga for about 20 years but never had a consistent practice. in my mid-40s, I started having intense hip and lower back pain, so I began a more mindful and disciplined yoga practice, intent on understanding the causes of my chronic pain, and that process opened the door to the lifelong benefits of a disciplined yoga practice, both for physical health, and also for mental and spiritual well-being.


Teaching Style and Classes Taught

As a class teacher, I try to offer asana practice and appropriate modifications that meet students where they are at. I encourage a deep, contemplative approach to body, mind and breath awareness, while also challenging the physical capacity of every student. I teach vinyasa and core 26 style classes.


What You Love About Teaching at SGY

I love teaching at Sweaty Ganesh Yoga because the SGY yoga community is diverse, friendly, and fun! There is room for every body to practice yoga at Sweaty Ganesh Yoga.

Inspirational Quote

Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired. Martha Graham

Sarah C

Sarah Elizabeth Carlson
Hometown: Shoreview, MN
Something that is mine: my 2 sweet kitties Petunia and Ali J

What First Drew You to Yoga and Why?

What first drew me to yoga was to heal my body after dealing with some health issues. I started practicing yoga during graduate school while studying the psychology of human cognition and learning. My practice started with hot yoga, and I absolutely fell in love with it. Yes, the heat was quite overwhelming at first, but once I dropped into it and stopped resisting it, the rest was history. Not long after I began practicing yoga, I realized that not only did I want to heal my body (and it felt amazing once I started feeling the benefits), but what I was really craving was the sense to connect my body, mind, and spirit. I learned that focusing on the breath is what can ultimately connect us with our Divine selves both on and off the mat. So, my continued practice of yoga is to work at finding the balance of every day stuff that life presents us with and come back to the breath to find a continued connection with the body, mind, and spirit.


Teaching Style and Class Styles Taught

My teaching style is to promote a positive learning environment and to hold a safe space to be present. The style of class I teach currently is vinyasa, and would like to teach restorative yoga eventually.


What you love about teaching at SGY

What I love about teaching at SGY is the community. I’ve been a part of this community since 2011 when I moved to Eugene and it is an absolute honor to be able to teach in a place that I feel like I grew up in as a student, teacher trainee, and now teacher.


Words of Wisdom/Inspirational Quote Words of wisdom

What you resist persists -Carl Jung

Joey D

Joseph Dion
Hometown: Columbia City
Something that’s yours:Joy

Why Do You Practice Yoga?

I practice yoga to connect with you—‘you’ as in ‘We’, as in Us, as in that universal source we all draw all of our energy from.


What Do You Find Most Satisfying About Teaching?

The greatest aspect of teaching is the humbling opportunity to guide you through your own practice, your own connection between your own breath and your own body. Knowing how much yoga has already transformed and enriched my own life—almost entirely thanks to my fellow teachers and practitioners here at SGY—makes any and all attempts to summarize the gratitude I feel to guide you seem futile in comparison to the depth of that feeling.


Favorite class to practice right now:

My favorite class to practice right now is something I fondly refer to as Yangasa. It’s my own Vinyasa variation. With that being said, considering the classes we have on schedule, Vinyasa would be my leaves and branches and ability to soak up the sun; C26, on the other hand, is my trunk, my roots, my stability. It'd be hard to have one without the other.


Silliest thing you’ve said whilst teaching:

Although I have a tendency to say silly things almost every time I speak, I suppose telling a roomful of adults to mentally blow themselves a kiss in the mirror must come close to the top of the list.

This is a donation-based Core 26 or Vinyasa class taught by our very own Teacher Trainee graduates!!  It occurs every Sunday at 12:30pm and it is open to everyone, including those who have never been to the studio before.