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Lyn H

Lyn Hudgins
Hometown: Eugene,Oregon

What First Drew You to Yoga and Why?

Throughout my life I have had a interest in the human body and how all of the systems work together both scientifically and spiritual. Taking my first yoga class in the 70's in Lake Tahoe. I found through yoga a way to get to know my self and a different way to look at life. Through the philosophy of yoga I find life more excepting. I continue to practice with a more sustainable asana and implementing the other limbs of yoga.


What you love about teaching at SGY:

Teaching yoga invites a place to explore the human expression.


Favorite Class to Practice Right Now and Why:

The core 26 class has brought my awareness to how I move, my breath, my tendencies, learning to forgive and accept in a safe, loving community at SGY.


Inspirational Quote:

Yoga is a life process of living not a goal -Ganga White

Lyn H is currently not instructing any classes.