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Steve T

Name: Steven Tygart
Hometown: Muldoon Road, Anchorage, Alaska
Something that's yours: I have 4 kids, a love for travel and exploration shared with my wife, and a lava lamp that is older than me.

Why Do You Practice Yoga?

I practice yoga to remind myself how it feels to be in my body, to be in the magic of my stillness and movement. I practice to tap into subtle sensations that I become aware of when I slow down. I love to be still with my breath and let my thoughts dance as they do. I love to wobble and shake, fall down and get up, feel new movements and challenges, to allow myself to be vulnerable, to find edges. It's also part of my longevity plan. Being able to get up off of the ground is a skill I will continue to practice. That and the flat footed squat. So many more reasons...

What Do You Find Most Satisfying About Teaching?

The most satisfying thing about teaching for me is that I get to be in the collective sweet energy that is cultivated in a class. I get to breathe with everyone, I get to see the beautiful shapes explored, I get to be present for exploration, and it is a gift, every time. Plus when people are so involved in their practice my random jokes might get more laughs.

Favorite Class to Practice Right Now and Why

Right now I really love a restorative yoga practice. I enjoy the stillness, the support. And while I can't explain how, it really adds to and compliments my vinyasa practice. Maybe I just like lying down a lot.

Words of Wisdom/Inspirational Quote OR Silliest Thing You’ve Said Whilst Teaching
Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. - Rumi

And also I often get my lefts and rights confused, accidental rhymes might happen, so just remember that.

Steve T instructs the following:
  • Hot Vinyasa Flow
  • A vinyasa class is a moving meditation. Synchronizing movement, internally and externally, with one's breath, the intention of the class is to place in a special way, one's body, breath, and being in an asana practice. A focus on the integrity of the breath, alignment, and proper modifications and variations are integral to each class so that a vinyasa practice can be accessible for a range of practitioners. Because it is not a one-size-fits-all practice, it is common for practitioners to be doing different expressions of an asana in a vinyasa class. Each class is intelligently sequenced so that each posture prepares the practitioner for the next.