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Kristen T

Kristen Tucker
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Something that’s yours: 2 dogs, 5 chickens, 3 bicycles and 1 husband (on May 11th :)

Why Do You Practice Yoga?

I practice yoga for balance in my life. I’ve been an athlete since I was a kid, and in my adult life I have become even more active and competitive in different endeavors (CrossFit, Cycling, and Running). At first, yoga was a way for me to stretch my sore muscles. The longer I practiced though, the more I realized that I needed it not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Yoga helps me clear my mind and release tension that I hold onto, plus it makes me feel great and keeps me healthy and able to do what I love to do!


Teaching Style and Classes Taught:

At Sweaty Ganesh Yoga I teach the Strength and Conditioning class as well as the Foam Rolling class. These two classes pretty sum up what I do in my everyday life and in my other work…I help people get fit for whatever it is they want to be good at in their life, and I also teach them how to take care of their bodies from a self treatment perspective!


Silliest Thing You’ve Said Whilst Teaching:

The silliest thing I have said whilst teaching a class was once when we were using medicine balls. The workout was over and I wanted to make sure everyone was cleaning up after themselves, so I said “please wipe your balls off before you put them away.” Yeah that one made us all laugh for a while!


Kristen T instructs the following:
  • Foam Rolling
  • Foam Rolling is a myofascial release technique designed to stretch out connective tissue, break up scar tissue in the body, and massage and release tight muscles. It also increases flexibility while decreasing muscle tightness as well as muscle soreness. Join Kristen to see how foam rolling can improve your yoga practice and mobility in daily life!

    Please bring your own foam roller if you have one. We have 20 available for use while at the studio, and if all of those are taken, you can also purchase a foam roller at the studio.

  • Strength & Conditioning (non-heated)
  • Strength and Conditioning is a combination of yoga, physical therapy exercises, muscle testing, strength training, and myofascial release. It is designed to increase body awareness and improve your yoga practice as well as your overall fitness by building stability, balance, stamina, and muscle tone, and improving your alignment. Taught with a variety of props in a class/workshop style, this is a great way to find out why you have more trouble balancing on your left leg, why chaturanga is so difficult, why you feel stuck in your backbends, or why you can’t do a handstand, and what you can do to enhance your physical and mental capacities in these areas.